About Us

Quality Management

Client satisfaction, safety, punctuality, and adherent to the work schedule are main priorities on all our projects. We constantly strive to always exceed our customer’s expectations. We take great pride in our quality of work, attention to clients, and work experience. We stand behind our work and want every client to be 100% satisfied with every detail of their experience.


BSA is safety compliant and believes in maintaining a safe work environment for employees and clients. Proper equipment, dress, and machinery guidelines are all included in the BSA Safety Program. Our goal is to maintain projects incident free.


BSA lays foundation for a harmonious work environment through transparency and collaborative techniques. BSA prides itself in making their employees feel acknowledged and appreciated, regardless of their status within the company, where innovation is encouraged, and achievements are celebrated.

Project Commitment

Our engagement begins with forming professional relationships with our clients. An evaluation is given to ensure BSA understand all the customers design goals and has a plan of action which exceeds those goals. Estimating the cost of project completion is then calculated and provided to the client to approve. BSA field team employees bring the design goals of the client and help bring those visions into reality. The BSA project management team fosters their relationship with the client and the respective projects to develop with precision and effectiveness.



Ruben Sanchez

VP of operations

Hugo Sanchez

senior project manager

Johnny Alvarado